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Andre Christensen

I got into running the summer of 2008 as a way of getting my shapely figure back in shape with a life full of global travel and long hours as a management consultant and two small kids (plus another one on the way). Went from not being able to run 5k straight to now having completed 5 marathons. My times have been dropping (shaved 40minutes off my marathon time in Ottawa this spring) and I even had the courage to pick up ice hockey again after 20 years of hibernation. Now I am looking for that extra edge to take my running to the next level. If I can avoid gettig sick and recover quicker with 7SYSTEMS (plus a little bit coaching, I don’t train very smart..) then I am confident I can improve my time by OVER 7%!

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  1. roxyroo Said

    Go Andre, your progress has been amazing. Roxy is voting for you all the way.

    June 13th, 2010 at 11:37 pm

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