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Balance- By: Jasper Blake


By: Jasper Blake

This year I have spent most of the time introducing and developing my model for a great process.  Last month I talked about the idea of evaluating the process as you go along so you can make adjustments in the plan if it is necessary.  This month I would like to talk about the idea of balance.
Balance in life is something that we often talk about but don’t often practice.  In my model, the entire process depends on the ability to stay in balance.  I have had many occasions over the past 15 years where I have not maintained balance and the results were very undesirable.

My model is shaped like a pyramid with foundation at the bottom and execution at the top.  I picture balance as a smaller triangle underneath that the pyramid rests on.  If you get out of balance in any one of the phases, then the process will tilt and chances are you will miss your mark.  The lower down the imbalance occurs; the more detrimental it will be on the outcome you desire.  For example, if you have a severe imbalance in the foundation phase at the bottom of the pyramid then it will swing your whole process off course.  This makes sense because if things aren’t right with your foundation, it can be crippling, to the point where nothing will get done and if it does, it will seem pointless and not worthwhile.

The higher up the imbalance occurs, the less it will affect the pyramid and the more chance you have of hitting your target by making minor adjustments.
When I think of balance I primarily think of things that take you away from the rigors of the process.  In sport we put a tremendous amount of daily stress on our bodies and minds.  Balance in my case involves ways that take stress off and allow me to recover.  Sleep, massage, stretching, yoga and great nutrition are all examples of ways I stay balanced.  Balance also needs to occur at the foundation level with family and friends.  If you put yourself in a bubble and become too narrow minded about your goals, the results can be detrimental.  It is important to keep the bigger picture in mind no matter what you are trying to achieve.  Family, friends and personal health should never be compromised in pursuit of a goal.  This loss of perspective will eventually lead to a decline in performance because the pyramid will be unbalanced from the bottom.

I encourage you to find ways to balance your lifestyle.  Often in the business community this can mean dedicating more time to family and more time to your physical well being.  A healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit will perform better every time, it doesn’t matter what the task is.

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