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Coach Martin

Winter is such a great time to try the things you normally don’t do.  Building the snow fort, going sledding, having a Beaver Tail with your daughter while on top of Blue Mountain.  These things are important to balance out the sometimes over-zealous training schedules we set for ourselves to get ready for our next big race.  One thing I really recommend is snowshoeing at this time.  Not just flat ‘running’ but taking it up and down every hill you can find.  Great hip flexor training, it also can bring with it some great adrenaline hits.  Look for some clear downhills with fresh powder snow and just let the legs turnover…you’ll see what I mean.  Throw in a leap off a rock or a ‘chute’ and you’ll be rolling in the snow in no time before you run up the hill to do it all over again.

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