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Core Muscle Activation- Stefan Timms

Core Muscle Activation Exercises

Do these exercises for 2-3 weeks before starting into strength program

* First week do 1×12 reps each day
* Second week do 2×10 reps each day
* Third week do 3×10 reps each day

Pelvic Tilt

Lie on back your back with your knees bent up and heels near your buttocks, arms at sides.  Contract your lower abdominal muscles while you exhale, and push your spine towards the ground, flattening it out.  Hold, then release the contraction as you inhale.

Hip Shrug

Lie on your back, legs straight, and arms at your sides.  Exhale and slowly pull one hip up towards the armpit on the same side by contracting the muscle deep in your back above your belt line.  Hold, then release the contraction, inhale, and repeat with other hip.

Toe Out Leg Raise

Lie on your back, legs straight, and arms at your side.  Roll one leg outward, exhale, and slowly lift it up towards the ceiling.  Pause and hold it for a moment before lowering it slowly to the ground.  Repeat with other leg

Side Leg Raise

Lie on your side with your legs straight, and on top of each other.  Keep your hips stacked on top of each other by rolling slightly forward.  Slowly raise the upward leg to 45 degrees as you exhale, pause and then lower it slowly back down. After a full set do other leg.

Mule Kick

Start on your hands and knee with a flat, stable back.  Slowly raise one heel and push it back as you straighten your leg.  Pause, then bring it back down and lift and straighten the other leg.

* Do exercises lying on the floor.
* Do slowly with good control.
* Breathing should be slow and deep, inhaling when muscles are relaxing and exhaling when muscles are contracting.

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