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Indoor Bike Training & Coaching

As the weather gets colder, people ask “what can I do to keep my riding up and not get completely bored?”

One of the best services we have seen to help with this comes from Indoor Rider, created by one of our 7SYSTEMS athletes Richard Pady.  Indoor Rider is a series of cycling video workouts for you to download from once a week. The program builds you slowly, safely, and in the most time efficient way towards success. 

When you join, you are provided with a new video every week, each approximately one hour in length. You will increase your fitness and power while staying excited about your training and not getting bored this winter.

By following the program, you will train smart and avoid overtraining or
burn out this season.   The sessions also allow you to work at your own level and progress at your own pace. 

On top of the weekly videos you get the opportunity to workout with another 7SYSTEMS athlete Olympic Gold and Silver medalist Simon Whitfield.   Simon’s videos will be available to members with an annual subscription only.

Check it this video for more!

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