Simon’s Specific Workout Favourites


Warm up- 30 minutes spinning to base of Observatory
Main Set- 6* Observatory Descending 1-3
Building from threshold effort to bleed from ears and eyes
Cool Down- 30 minutes


Warm up- 15-20 minutes around Beaver Lake
Main Set- Steady State Effort Elk Lake
Cool Down- 15 minutes


Warm up- 5*200 SKIPS (Swim, Kick, IM, Pull, Swim)
Main Set- 20*100@ 1:20 best average long course
Pull- 800 Steady
Cool Down- 200m back/free


1) on stationary bike:

25mins warm-up
20mins solid at 90-95 cad.
5mins easy
3x3mins with 2mins rest very solid.
5mins easy
10mins moderately solid
2) straight onto the treadmill:
1min jog (to get woody up to speed)
4x5mins at race pace with 2mins rest
3x3mins at faster then race pace with 90sec rest.

3) 4.5km recovery swim


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