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Winter Training Ideas- Stefan Timms

Winter Ideas

By Stefan Timms

The winter is a great time to work on your weakness.  By this I mean that you should take into account if you are particularly strong or weak in one of the sports when you are designing your macro cycles for the winter.  You can address this problem by incorporating a single sport focus to improve your ability in that specific sport.
A single sport focus can last from 4 to 10 weeks and you should end it with a time trial or race in that sport (i.e. a 10 km road race, a 1500m time trial in the pool, etc).  During a single sport focus you will increase the frequency, volume, and intensity in that sport while decreasing the frequency, volume, and intensity of the workouts in the other two sports.  For example, an elite level triathlete doing a run focus, might decrease the number times they swim to 3-4 times a week, and bike to 2-3 times a week, while increasing their running up to 6-8 times a week for the duration of the focus period.  The workouts in the non-focus sports should be kept aerobic, so that you are adequately recovered for your important focus sport sessions.
The focus sport workouts should encompass all the energy systems, and be done at various heart rates, depending on the purpose of each specific workout.  You should begin the focus with specific workouts aimed at improving technique and then as you progress through it add in sessions that increase in distance and intensity while maintaining proper technique.  This will ensure that you build a strong aerobic base, while also raising lactate threshold, all the while being as efficient as possible.
A single sport focus can sometimes seem somewhat tedious or difficult but it should pay off with big gains in that sport, and prepare you to race at a new level in the coming year.

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