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Customized Nutrition

Endurance sports require extreme attention to detail. Equipment, training, recovery and nutrition are all areas that demand constant fine-tuning. As endurance athletes competing in biking, running, triathlons, swimming, cross country skiing, paddling, rowing and adventure racing, the 7SYSTEMS team knows that proper nutrition is one of the keys in reaching your true athletic potential. Not only do you need the right vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants (or micro-nutrients), you also need the right carbohydrates, proteins, and fats (or macro-nutrients) as well as ensuring you are staying hydrated with the appropriate electrolyte load. As the general level of awareness of the role proper nutrition plays in sports performance has increased some companies have entered the market with innovative concepts. One of those innovative concepts is customizable nutrition.

Everyone is different. Endurance athletes have different bodies, different training programs and different race day needs. It makes sense that people will need different amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and electrolytes in their nutrition product. Sure you can vary the number of gels you take, add water to your Gatorade and carry salt tablets with you, and with some trial and error figure out how to make that work. But you don’t need to do that anymore. We have found a product that does that for you – INFINIT Nutrition.

INFINIT helps you take care of your personal training and racing macro-nutrient and hydration needs in a way that no other product can. INFINIT allows you to adjust total calories, flavour, protein, electrolytes, caffeine and amino acid levels, and even fine tune the blend of three different carbohydrates to match your chosen sport, distance and personal needs. INFINIT puts you in the unique position of being able to fuel yourself with exactly what is right for you and choose a flavour that you will be able to consume. We have been really impressed with how easy their system is to use – visit their website, do an initial questionnaire that asks specific details about you and your needs or go straight to the formula section and adjust the amounts of each item. They even offer phone support to help you figure out your optimal formula. You can make different formulas for training and racing and can even save your formulas for easy access on subsequent visits or to adjust as required. What a great idea.

Forget figuring out how many gels, bars and salt tablets you need. You can get it all in one drink in a formula that meets your specific needs to help avoid any gastric distress, cramping or bonking that might occur from using a generic product. AND it is all liquid, so if formulated at the right concentration it will be emptied freely from the stomach and then readily absorbed into the small intestine. We like products that are backed by science, and this one is.

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