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  1. How long will it take before I see results? You should start to feel the results from daily use of 7SYSTEMS endurance sport supplement within 3-4 weeks of starting to use it. By the end of one month of using 7SYSTEMS you should experience generally improved energy levels and quicker recovery, as well as less overall fatigue and susceptibility to injury and illness. However, in order to get continuing results we recommend using 7SYSTEMS as long as you are doing endurance activity. Of course, we also believe that a commitment to good nutritional practices should be long term.
  2. What is 7SYSTEMS? 7SYSTEMS is a comprehensive vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant formula created by endurance athletes for endurance athletes. 7SYSTEMS was formulated with our proprietary 4xS System Specific Sport Supplement Process™ to address the additional nutritional needs that are created by the multiple stresses imposed on the body by endurance sports. 7SYSTEMS ingredients have been chosen, using the latest research, for their overall ability to help bodily functions in general, with a specific focus on those 7 systems we consider most important for endurance sports. 7SYSTEMS is not meant to replace pre, during or post exercise food and fluids.
  3. Why was 7SYSTEMS originally created? 7SYSTEMS was created because as a group of endurance athletes we couldn’t find a comprehensive supplement that met our needs. Most of the supplements available simply did not contain a comprehensive blend of ingredients in dosages designed specifically for daily demands of endurance athletes. We tried buying the ingredients separately, but that proved too time consuming and expensive. With 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement we hope to have simplified the world of sports supplements for you with a high quality, cost effective product for your daily needs.
  4. What are the benefits of using 7SYSTEMS? 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement provides whole body support with several key ingredients added to target the seven most critical systems in endurance sport. It’s a simple, cost effective and safe way for endurance athletes to meet their daily micronutrient requirements. 7SYSTEMS has been designed to provide a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to combat the stresses of daily life and help maximize performance and recovery for endurance athletes.
  5. Why does 7SYSTEMS only focus on 7 bodily systems, aren’t there more than that? We have identified seven systems that we deem critical for optimal bodily function as it relates to endurance sports. These systems are: skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous and immune.
  6. Why do I need all seven critical systems to function during endurance activity? Endurance activities and sport in general require the body to be working optimally. Sport and endurance activities require the obvious systems to be firing properly such as the muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. However, it is essential that the other three critical systems be in top form as well. Digestion is crucial in order to ensure all the nutrients ingested are broken down and delivered efficiently to the appropriate system, and problems with this system often lead to poor performances (i.e. bonking, cramping, etc). The nervous system must be firing perfectly in order to stay coordinated, make appropriate decisions, and to have the ability to react to any situations that arise. The immune system must be working optimally at all times or endurance athletes would be unable to fight off fatigue and illness resulting from the stresses of their exercise regimes.
  7. Does 7SYSTEMS contain everything an endurance athlete needs? 7SYSTEMS has been designed to provide the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants that someone participating in endurance activity will need on a daily basis. We’ve worked hard to give you a comprehensive blend of basic vitamins and minerals for whole body support. This integrates with other ingredients to create a wide range of free radical combatants called anti-oxidants. Finally, the seven most critical systems in endurance sports are supported with: L-Glutamine, Glucosamine with MSM, Phosphatidylserine, CoQ10, Ginseng, Bromelain and B-Complex. So for most people, 7SYSTEMS should ‘cover the bases’. However, people with specific health concerns should consult their physicians to ensure 7SYSTEMS is adequate for their personal needs. Naturally, you still need to ensure you are eating the right amounts of carbohydrate, proteins and fats by eating a balanced, healthy diet full of natural foods. We also recommend a proper plan for food and fluid replacement immediately before, during and after exercise. 7SYSTEMS will not prevent, cure or treat any disease or ailment.
  8. How were the ingredients chosen for 7SYSTEMS? The team at ASPIRE NUTRITION INC. consulted with doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, manufacturers, scientists, and athletes when developing 7SYSTEMS. Utilizing the latest in clinical research we spent eighteen months developing and testing a variety of ingredient combinations to ensure we created the best possible daily vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant supplement for endurance athletes at the best possible price.
  9. What is a ‘sports supplement’? A sports supplement is a term we have used to identify our natural health product specifically formulated with the athlete in mind. Athletes put abnormal stresses on their bodies and as such require a more comprehensive supplement than someone who does not participate in sports activities. As a result, we firmly believe sports supplements need to go beyond what a normal daily supplement provides.
  10. Are natural vitamins better? Natural vitamins are those that are derived from natural sources, whereas synthetic vitamins are derived from chemical sources. If the chemically derived vitamins are identical in chemical structure to the natural vitamins then their affect on the body will be identical. Some supplement manufacturers claim that vitamins must be in their natural state in order to provide benefits, however that is not the case. 7SYSTEMS is made up of both natural and synthetic vitamins.
  11. What is the 7SYSTEMS anti-oxidant blend? Anti-oxidants are substances that protect cells from the damage of free radicals. Free radicals are charged molecules that can damage healthy cells. Free radicals are a natural occurring result of day to day metabolism but are increased during intense or prolonged exercise. Free radicals come in many different forms. As a result, anti-oxidants must also come in many varying forms. 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement was formulated to contain over a dozen anti-oxidants including but not limited to: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Beta-Carotene, Ginseng, Red Wine Extract, Lipoic Acid and Selenium.
  12. Can’t I just get everything I need by eating real food? YES! At ASPIRE NUTRITION INC. we recognize and believe that real food is by far the best way to obtain everything you need to survive and be in optimal health. However, we also understand that this can often be next to impossible as most people do not have the time or energy to determine what their needs are, what foods will provide these nutrients, and then go purchase these foods. Although we strongly suggest you take a keen interest in your diet, the reality is that sometimes it’s just not possible. The importance of eating the ‘right stuff’ increases with the added stress that endurance sports put on the body. With 7SYSYTEMS, we simply hope to give you more peace of mind knowing that at least your daily vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant requirements are covered off.
  13. How many servings are in a container of 7SYSTEMS? 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement comes in a tub which contains a 30 day supply. Each daily servings is conveniently packed in a pouch containing 10 pills.
  14. Why does 7SYSTEMS have so many different pills? 7SYSTEMS is not a conventional supplement, it’s much more. 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement combines over 60 ingredients that at our dosages would be almost impossible to combine into 1 pill (unless we made the biggest supplement pill known). Two of the pills provide Whole Body Support with a comprehensive mix of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Seven pills provide Critical System Support, each targeted at the seven most critical systems in endurance sport. Finally, an Omega-3 pill provides Essential Fatty Acids with benefits spanning a range of the body’s systems. Together these 10 pills work to combat the stresses of daily life and help maximize performance and recovery for endurance athletes.
  15. Why does 7SYSTEMS cost more than many other products that claim to be for athletes? 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement is one of the most comprehensive daily vitamin, mineral, and anti-oxidant supplements on the market. It contains over sixty ingredients that are expensive to manufacture…just trying to purchase them separately could cost several hundred dollars. By combining the ingredients, we’ve been able to keep costs considerably lower. Put another way, for under $3.00 per day, 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement gives you whole body vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant support plus several key ingredients that target the seven most critical body systems for performance and recovery in endurance sport.
  16. When should I take 7SYSTEMS? Each 7SYSTEMS pouch contains 10 pills that should be taken everyday whether you are exercising that day or not. We recommend that you should take the pills with food throughout the day to aid in absorption of the ingredients. We recommend consuming 5 tablets with breakfast and remaining 5 capsules at lunch, or taking all 10 pills with breakfast. We do not recommend taking any of the pills during, or immediately before exercise.
  17. Will this help me avoid bonking? Bonking occurs as a result of low blood sugar. 7SYSTEMS is not a source of glucose and therefore will not help you avoid the dreaded bonk. 7SYSTEMS is a complex multi-vitamin and mineral supplement however and can help your overall day-to-day performance.
  18. What happens if I miss a day? 7SYSTEMS is designed to be taken on a daily basis. However, don’t sweat it if you miss a day. Once you have taken 7SYSTEMS for 3-4 weeks, there is enough of the ingredients in your system that missing one day by accident every couple of months should not substantially reduce the benefits. Please don’t try to play “catch up” by taking two packages in one day, as that might put you above the recommended daily limit for some of the ingredients.
  19. Who should use 7SYSTEMS? 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement should be used by anyone that participates in endurance type activities. 7SYSTEMS was designed not just for professional athletes but for anyone involved in activities such as running, triathlon, cycling and other endurance sports.
  20. Should my pee (urine) be bright yellow? The color of your urine can be caused by several things. Dehydration is the most obvious and frequent cause of darker or yellow colored urine. However, certain supplements can also cause a yellow color in your urine. The main reason is that your body is excreting what it does not need. Remember that 7SYSTEMS is a “supplement” which means it is meant to supplement what you are lacking in your diet. Often in heavy periods of training or traveling it can be difficult to meet your daily requirements. However, great nutrition can cover all of your bases. As a result, your body will remove what it does not need in the form of waste. The most frequent cause of yellow urine is caused from excretion of B Vitamins.
  21. After a long endurance event, should I be consuming more 7system to help my recovery? Please don’t try to play “catch up” or “over-dose” by taking two or more packages in one day. This might put you above the recommended daily limit for some of the ingredients.
  22. Is there anyone who should not use 7SYSTEMS? 7SYSTEMS was formulated specifically for people who participate in endurance type activity. If you are currently taking any supplements consider switching to 7SYSTEMS, but do not combine our product with another without first consulting a qualified individual such as a nutritionist or physician. Also, we DO NOT RECOMMEND that pregnant women, children, or anyone taking medication use 7SYSTEMS without first discussing it with their physician.
  23. Why is there not a different formula for men and women? Men and women are different and do have different needs at certain times. However, the stress of training and racing in the world of endurance sports has similar affects on both female and male athletes. The goal of 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement is to provide a comprehensive supplement that optimizes performance and recovery for athletes regardless of gender. However, it is important to remember that males and females may have specific needs and these should be addressed with a qualified individual such as your nutritionist or physician.
  24. Who makes 7SYSTEMS? 7SYSTEMS was created by ASPIRE NUTRITION INC., a company founded by several of Canada’s top endurance athletes. 7SYSTEMS is manufactured for ASPIRE NUTRITION INC. by Douglas Laboratories, a well known and respected manufacturer with over 50 years in the business. Douglas Laboratories meets or exceeds the highest manufacturing standards established by Health Canada.
  25. How does your manufacturer stand out from others? We chose to use Douglas Laboratories as our manufacturer because our research showed that they are acknowledged as one of the top manufacturers in North America in terms of quality of their products, and the integrity of their business. Douglas Laboratories has its own in-house research and development team, and does all of its manufacturing on site. They use the latest techniques, the finest raw ingredients from certified suppliers, and adhere to strict best of class guidelines. This means we are guaranteed the highest quality, most effective supplements possible. In addition, Douglas Laboratories has given us a written guarantee that 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement is produced in a facility that does not handle any of the raw compounds on the WADA 2011 prohibited list.
  26. How can I be sure that there are no banned substances in 7SYSTEMS? We chose a well established manufacturer that has a great reputation for only using high quality ingredients. We also insisted on Douglas Laboratories giving us a written guarantee that 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement is produced in a facility that does not handle any of the raw compounds on the WADA 2011 prohibited list.
  27. How can I be sure that this product is safe? 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement is manufactured by a well established company that meets or exceeds Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices in its operations and is one of only a few ISO certified nutritional supplement manufacturers in North America. These quality control guidelines ensure that you are getting only high quality, pure ingredients. Also, 7SYSTEMS formulation has been approved for sale by the Natural Health Products Directorate (the division of Health Canada responsible for the nutritional supplement industry) which requires a supplement to meet rigorous standards before it can be sold in Canada.
  28. How does 7SYSTEMS give back to the sports community? One of our mandates in starting this company was to ensure that proceeds from this product was used to help improve amateur athletics in Canada. To that end we are supplying the product free of charge to appropriate athletes, and we have implemented a corporate policy requiring us to give a portion of the profits from the sale of 7SYSTEMS to various sports organizations. We have also come up with a distribution plan that will allow us to share profits with the coaches who work with us, so that 7SYSTEMS can benefit sport on an individual, coach, and organizational level. That way everyone wins.
  29. Where can I purchase 7SYSTEMS? 7SYSTEMS can be purchased through our online store or at our growing list of retailers. For a list of our exclusive 7SYSTEMS retailers click here.
  30. Why did you only add Omega-3 Fatty Acids? Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are classified as “essential fatty acids” meaning our bodies do not produce them naturally and we must obtain them from external sources like food or supplementation. Omega 9 fatty acids can be produced by the human body from unsaturated fats and are therefore not conditional on us consuming them from external sources. Omega 3 fatty acids are generally the most difficult to come by through diet alone. Omega 6 fatty acids on the other hand are readily available in most diets. As a result people often exceed a healthy ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids. Ease of dietary intake of Omega 6 and the danger of an imbalanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio (too much Omega 6) are the main reasons why we chose to only include Omega 3 fatty acids in 7SYSTEMS.