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eGames are here!

Think of the x-games but make the E stand for both “Endurance”, “Everyone” and “Excitement”. That’s the vision creators Graham Fraser and Simon Whitfield have for this new multisport concept!

eGames had their pilot on June 15 up in Barrie, Ontario.  With Subaru, Sportsnet and a host of other major sponsors already taking an active role this year, you can assume they are excited to see this become the next evolution of multi-sport!

What makes it so special?  It all takes place in the heart of Barrie, Ontario where the shores of Lake Simcoe lap against the mile long beach and the stores, restaurants and fitness clubs overlooking Kempenfelt Bay crowd along the town’s main street.  It’s an idealic setting for sports.  Could it become the next Penticton, Lake Placid or Mt Tremblant?  Very possibly…

At the heart of it all is an 800m loop that swings by the lake, up to main street and then sweeps back down to the lake.  At the centre of it all sits a grassy park and people line the entire course cheering friends and family on.  At no point do you feel your mind floating away…if you’re not paying attention to the corners, you’re enjoying the excitement that comes from the cheering crowds.

The events have also been designed to be spectator friendly and accessible to everyone.  This year’s pilot started with a 2 miler followed by a 2 loop high School running race.  Then came the 45 minute bike criterium, a 1 loop kids run (with Simon of course) and finally a new triathlon format called F1.  The F1 is a Simon Whitfield favourite with non-stop action beginning with a 400m swim, then a 5km bike (6 loops), a quick transition to a 2.5km run (3 loops), then back on the bike for another 6 loops before a final 3 loop run.

Everyone can choose to do 1, a few, or all of the events.  For those trying to conquer multiple events, getting your nutrition right is key!  I used Klean Athlete Electrolyte pills as well as theirD-rhibose Endurance tablets to keep me going along with a banana and a sandwich.  It was enough to get me through the 3 events I did but I will probably take a gel with me on the F1 triathlon next year.

Speaking of next year, Graham and Simon are stoked about adding a few extra multisport events and stretching it out over more than just an afternoon.  They want to create a true all-family feel to this eGames festival!  I’m signing up for sure with my family because unlike so many other events, ‘Everyone’ really does get to participate at the eGames.

I’ve got to hand it to Graham and Simon for bringing something new to the world of endurance, multi-sport events in Canada…in fact I think it’s a game-changer!


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