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Green Policy

Our logo, a green eight petal flower, is not only our corporate logo and symbol of our product, but it also represents our company’s desire to adhere to a ‘green’ mandate.  From product development to product recycling and disposal, ASPIRE NUTRITION INC. (“Aspire”) is concerned about health and the environment.  Through its Green Policy, Aspire is striving to operate in as green a manner as possible.

Sustainable development is one of the most important issues for our planet, the human race and all business entities in the 21st century.  Aspire aims to stay at the forefront of attaining this goal in terms of its environmental, economic and social policies by achieving high environmental quality in its products, services and corporate activities.  The Aspire Green Policy reflects the philosophy of Aspire and our commitment to continually improving our environmental performance.  We recognize that our business has an environmental impact, and by implementing this Green Policy our goal is to reduce the impact that our organization has on the environment and to ensure compliance with all environmental legislation.

We set and continually review objectives and targets for achieving our goal to protect our entire global environment.  With a focus on the four principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover, Aspire has set specific guidelines for its business activities, including:

  • Compliance with environmental regulations.  We seek not only to comply with safety and environmental regulations but also to implement in-house standards to improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution.
  • Efficient use of resources.  We seek to reduce environmental loads by attempting to efficiently use resources, save energy, reduce waste, and encourage material recycling in our operations.
  • Use of recyclable materials.  We endeavour to minimize environmental impact by using recycled paper for all our promotional materials, and ensuring all product containers are recyclable.
  • Choosing green partners.  Wherever fiscally possible we attempt to work with similar minded environmental oriented organizations and to adopt environmentally friendly technologies for the ordering and shipping of our products to customers and the purchase of required resources.
  • Educate employees regarding the environment.  We endeavour to raise our employees’ environmental awareness and to ensure that they recognize the essence of this Green Policy by actively addressing environmental concerns.
  • High level environmental standard for our manufacturer’s production facilities.  Our manufacturer has been registered to internationally recognized manufacturing standards, which provides our customers with additional assurance of the quality of our products and services and our commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Support for non-profit environmental programs.  Our corporate responsibility policy requires that we make social contributions in partnership with local communities by supporting community health programs and/or environmental initiatives.