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Rules & Regulations for 30 Day Challenge

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How It Works

You enter the 7SYSTEMS 30 day challenge (the “Challenge”) by purchasing the 7SYSTEMS Starter Pack at .  The Starter Pack contains a 1 month supply of 7SYSTEMS Endurance Sports Supplement and an electronic version of the 7SYSTEMS Mission Nutrition booklet by Jasper Blake (the “Starter Pack”).  Once you receive your Starter Pack you take one pouch a day every day for a month (the “Challenge Period”).

7SYSTEMS is so confident in the quality of its Endurance Sports Supplement and its ability to help you Do More it is guaranteeing that after taking the Starter Pack for at least 14 days in a row that it is highly likely you feel more energetic, recover faster and be more immune from common viral infections for the remainder of the Challenge Period or we will give you YOUR MONEY BACK.

If after having taken 7SYSTEMS during the Challenge Period you are not satisfied with its effects and want a refund of your money, we require that: (a) you have complied with all the rules provided herein in respect of the Challenge, and (b) you send a letter to 7SYSTEMS at 228 Edward Street, Victoria, BC, V9A 3E5 containing: (i) at least 3 sealed pouches of 7SYSTEMS Endurance Sports Supplement; (ii) an explanation why you were not satisfied with the Starter Pack, including, without limitation, confirmation of when you started taking 7SYSTEMS and that it was taken daily for at least 14 days in a row; and (iii) a letter from a licensed physician confirming that you experienced a viral infection after the first 14 days of use of 7SYSTEMS and no more than 30 days after starting to use 7SYSTEMS.  If you provide all such materials , have complied with the rules herein and your explanation is consistent with the Terms of Non-Satisfaction we will refund you 100% of the amount paid for the Starter Pack, including any applicable taxes you paid plus the cost you incurred sending the required materials to us.  To be eligible to receive such a refund you need to send us the required materials by Canada Post letter mail post marked before September 30, 2012.   Note, we will only cover the costs of sending the materials via Canada Post letter mail.

How to Enter

To become a participant:

1)      Purchase the Starter Pack at 

2)      Email with the subject line “I am taking the 30-Day Challenge”, and include in that email: (a) details regarding your Starter Pack purchase, including, your name, your gender, your age, the date you purchased the Starter Pack, your email address, your shipping address the Starter Pack was sent to, and a list of the sports you participate in (b) a current photo of yourself doing something athletic and written permission for 7SYSTEMS to use such photo in its marketing, (c) an explanation, in 100 words or less, how you found out about 7SYSTEMS and why you are trying it, (d) a description of any medical conditions you may have, and (e) a declaration that the Starter Pack was purchased for your own use, that you intend to follow the Challenge Rules and that you have never used 7SYSTEMS previously (the “Entry Email”).

 What You Get

In addition to the Starter Pack, participants will receive 7 tips to success from Ironman Champion Jasper Blake via email and will be signed up to receive the monthly Do More eMag electronic newsletter.  Participants’ Success Stories will also have the opportunity to get profiled, at the discretion of Aspire Nutrition Inc., on 7SYSTEMS’ Facebook Page and/or Do More eMag monthly electronic newsletter and/or 7SYSTEMSdomore twitter.

Terms of Non-Satisfaction

If after taking 7SYSTEMS for at least 14 days in a row during the Challenge Period you become ill with a documented viral infection.


The Challenge is NOT OPEN to current and/or previous customers of 7SYSTEMS, including, without limitation, persons who purchased 7SYSTEMS online, through a retailer or from a coach or persons who received 7SYSTEMS free of charge previously from any source such.  You must be at least 18 years of age, a resident of Canada with a shipping address within Canada to be eligible to be a Challenge Participant.  Any medical conditions must be disclosed by Challenge participants in the Entry Email.  The existence of certain medical conditions may be grounds for disqualification from the Challenge and, if so, such participant will be emailed and informed that he/she is not eligible for refund.  Aspire Nutrition Inc. reserves the right to cancel this Challenge at any time so that no new participants are allowed to enter the Challenge if Starter Pack quantities are sold out.  In that event, we will only honour eligible refunds post marked on or before the date of cancellation.