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Richard Weber- Setting another North Pole Record

On March 3rd, Richard Weber and his son, Tessum Weber along with international adventurers, David Pierce Jones and Howard Fairbanks embark on a trek to the Geographic North Pole. The 750 km trek from northern Canada is the toughest trek on the planet.  This is Richard’s seventh full-length expedition to the North Pole and Tessum’s first expedition to the North Pole.   On April 14, 2010 they reached the North Pole in 41 days 18 hours 52 minutes.   They used 7SYSTEMS daily. 

“It’s an amazing experience that is hard to describe in a few words. I think Howard best described it when he said : Some of the best moments are taken from the worst times.  Mother Nature throws everything possible at you; storms, negative drift, whiteout, thin ice, high winds, extreme cold. You name it, we survived it.  Our team was strong, we worked together well…during the last 5 days, we only slept 11 hours in order to best the southern drift and reach the Pole as expediently as possible.

With the support 7SYSTEMS provided our bodies during the expedition, I now want to start offering it to all the polar expeditions I train.  I really believe it makes a difference.”

7 Questions from 7SYSTEMS

1. What accomplishment are you most proud of in your athletic career?

RW: In 1995 my Russian friend and I skied from Canada to the North Pole and back to Canada with no outside assistance. It took 122 days. It is the only (verified) expedition ever to go to the Pole and return without outside assistance.

2. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

RW: Great things are done by a series of small steps brought together.

3. What motivates you to get up every day and kick your own ass?

RW: At my age I do not have to kick my ass – it comes naturally.

4. Who is the person you look up to most and why?

RW: Roald Amundsen. “Adventure is bad planning”

5. If you were stranded on an island what book would you want to have with you?

RW: A survival book!

6. What’s your favorite unhealthy snack?

RW: Nachos

7. What is the best restaurant you’ve ever been too and what did you eat there?

RW: Les Fougeres in Chelsea Quebec is my favourite restaurant.

Read more about the Weber Actic Expedition to the North Pole.

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