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Bill Logie

Bill Logie has been an athlete all his life.   A former semi-professional soccer player, Bill now packs adventure racing, run and snowshoe races, mounatin biking, Xterra events and kite boarding into his busy life.  He balances this ‘play time’ with his Bay Street career as a highly successful stock trader.  We are confident saying Bill is one of the most diverse athletes Ontario has to offer, and 2009 was one his best racing seasons ever.  As one of the longest users of 7SYSTEMS we thought it would be appropriate to congratulate Bill on an amazing season. 
bill logie
“I never thought that as I turned 40 I would actually be getting stronger and stronger .  I started with a stellar snowshoeing season, setting a course record and beating one of my fiercest competitors in a 10km classic up and down the slopes of the Blue Mountains.  I then finished first and second in two running events and finished first in a Duke’s Epic 8 solo mountain bike race for my age (second overall, losing to a pro).  To top it all off, I had a great race at the Xterra World Championships in Hawaii, where I finished 13th out of 60 in my category on a gruelling course.
Throughout the season, I’ve felt my body recover each time I challenged it with a new workout or competition.  Most importantly, I never seemed to breakdown or get sick.  I’m confident 7SYSTEMS makes a big difference in my ability to stay healthy and recover by giving my body’s systems the support they needed.  7SYSTEMS works for me like no other supplement I’ve used before.  I am looking forward to what I can do as a 41 year old!”

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