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Joe Rizzi

rizzis-in-hawaiiJoe Rizzi does more! He is the proud father of two active girls aged 5 and 6. He owns and operates a plumbing business that employs 10 people and works long days often doing hard physical work.

Joe busted his butt all year in the hopes of making it to the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Joe wakes up at 4am to fit in all his training before a hectic day of work and time with the family. He is proud of the fact that he rarely, if ever, misses one of his girls swim, dance or soccer practices or events.

In 2009 he reached his goal and qualified for Hawaii at Ironman Lake Placid. Joe finished the gruelling course in 9 hours 51 minutes and 40 seconds which landed him 31st overall and 4th in his age group!

He went on to finish Ironman Hawaii in an inspiring time of 10:10:26.

Joe manages to DO MORE with the help of 7SYSTEMS.

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