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Shaun Taylor

Shaun Taylor is a bit crazy.  He likes to get on his mountain bike and keep riding it until he can ride no longer.  Sometimes that means 24 hours straight…sometimes 48 hours.  Shaun also runs his own coaching business (check out Forward Momentum Coaching in Alberta) and is the father of two boys and was a long-time member of the military.  In October, Shaun represented Team Canada at the World Solo 24hr MTB Championships in Australia. He finished 3rd in the 45-49 age group with 19 laps, placing him amongst the top amateur riders!   This was his third podium finish in the past four years at Worlds.  Shaun put in this amazing performance despite breaking his seat post after 300kms of racing and having to ride an entire lap (45 mins) with his seat post and saddle in his back pockets. As he says… “45mins of no seat post racing after already completing 20hrs of racing is HARD”.  Shaun relied on 7SYSTEMS to help him stay healthy in his preparations.

 “7SYSTEMS has managed to keep me going at approx 20hrs of in saddle training per week. I regularly test the limits of my immune system and 7SYSTEMS helps me hold off those colds that I can feel are otherwise around the corner. I really like how easy it makes managing my cupboard full of supplements now and packing them for Canberra was a breeze.”

Read more about Shaun’s 24 Hour Solo adventure at his BLOG. 

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