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Core Training Tips- by Mark Kennedy

The TRX Suspension Trainer is becoming a popular training tool amongst runners and triathletes. Using the TRX can help you train those core muscles that your body will call upon to stabilize yourself and stay strong in the late stages of a race.

An effective exercise on the TRX for runners and triathletes is the TRX Atomic Push-Up. See the video below for a demonstration. This is a functional movement for runners as it engages the hip flexors and core.
1. Come up to a push up / plank position, with your toes suspended in the TRX. Ensure your core is engaged and your back is flat.
2. Draw hips into the air and your knees into your chest.
3. As you drop back down you move into a classic push up position and perform a push up.

To read more about the TRX, you can visit Healthynomics.