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Indoor Riding Workout- by Richard Pady

Pick 14-17 songs = 60mins
Songs 1-4 are warm up
-Focus on your form.  Watch your pelvis and make sure it is not rocking. 
-Pedal in a full circle to maximize the muscle efficiency.
-Start at lower effort and build effort with each song.

Song 5 (Accelerations) 
-without shifting gears increase your rpm to the edge of your comfort and technical efficiency (meaning no rocking or bouncing).
-accelerate for 15-30sec and then slow it back down for the equal time and repeat this for the duration of the song
Song 6 (Cruise)
-Active Recovery @ 90-100rpm

Songs 7-8 (Single leg drill)
-shift to an easy gear (for neuromuscular development). Start with short repetitions of 30sec to 60secs on each leg. Cadence (rpm) should also vary. As a general rule, keep cadence below that point when your stroke begins to ‘break up.’ The leg that is not pedaling can rest on the arm of the stationary trainer or a chair. Alternate back and forth for the duration of the two songs

Song 9 (Cruise)
-Active Recovery @ 90-100rpm

Songs 10-12 (Fun time)
-Steady State riding
-goal is to put to work out that you worked on above
-effort is a 7/10 or Zone 3 wattage/hr

Songs 13-end of the hour
-Cool down working on higher rpm at a very low resistance
-Focus on ‘planting’ your butt on the saddle and don’t bounce! Stay smooth and relaxed at all times. Maintain ‘pressure’ on the pedal at all times, but keep the pressure ‘light’.
If you enjoy the workout above, then check out other Indoor Rider programs.  Indoor Rider in 2010 made a major impact on many athletes’ cycling performances all around North America.

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For more information, contact Richard Pady, Head Coach of Healthy Results Training and Creator of at

Jordan Rapp- Ironman- Top Triathlon Cyclist

Measuring the efficacy of vitamins is a funny thing. It’s not like caffeine, where the effect is immediate, but short lived. The idea is that you want to slightly raise the overall functioning of your body consistently. Over the past month, I completed two and a half weeks of the most intense training I’ve ever done, in preparation for Ironman Arizona. I started taking 7Systems at the same time. During that time period, I had to occasional “off day,” as we all do, but I felt like I consistently recovered more quickly than I had in the past when taking on this sort of load, and as a result I was able to perform better during my key workout sessions. I believe that 7Systems was a definitive part of that. The convenience of not having to remember to take a variety of supplements was also very helpful; that may seem like a small thing, but simply having one packet that you open and take to get everything you need makes a difference when you have a lot going on.


Jordan Rapp is well known for his popular cycling and bike fit advice on the internet chat forum Slowtwitch, and has compiled 5 top 3 overall finishes at Ironman events in the past 3 years.

Power Crankin- Jasper Blake

“Power Crankin”

There are many inventions that have hit the triathlon world over the years.  To be quite blunt, we are a sport of gadgets and gismos; to the point where you might call it a culture of “geekiness”.  I’ve seen a great deal of crap in the past ten years, things that honestly make me wonder if people really want to work hard for what they get or simply think buying the latest thing will make them go faster but perhaps that is the purest in me.

Occasionally there is a product that comes along that catches on for the right reasons.  PowerCranks are one such product.  Founded and developed by an engineering wiz Frank Day, PowerCranks offer a great way to develop your pedaling stroke.

The basic premise of a PowerCrank is that each crank arm operates independently on a one way clutch.  As a result, you can quite literally pedal with the crank arms at any opposing angle from 180 to 0 degrees of separation.  The result is that your legs cannot support each other and must work independently.

Single leg drills have been around for years as a way to develop leg strength and coordination equally on both legs.  I can remember some crazy single leg sets that one of my coaches used to prescribe.  It was a set of 6*12 minutes per leg on the trainer in the winter.  Those were some long trainer sessions but certainly improved my pedal stroke.  The only catch was the state of discomfort this caused.  Riding on a trainer can be bad enough on the mid section but doing it single legged is another level of awfulness.  PowerCranks allow you to achieve the same benefit if not better because you can sit properly on your saddle and pedal normally.

PowerCranks are a tool that can make an hour trainer session more productive.  I am fortunate to work, on occasion, with one of Canada’s top cycling coaches in Victoria and he believes PowerCranks are one of the best tools for learning a proper pedaling technique.  If you use them properly different parts of the pedaling circle will be emphasized.

Like every great training tool, there are some things you should keep in mind if you decide to integrate PowerCranks into your training.  The first is to integrate PowerCranks slowly.  Overdoing any new exercise can lead to injuries.  I would suggest consulting with a coach who is familiar with PowerCranks to help you implement them into your program properly.  I would also keep in mind that cadence, not necessarily power, is what you might struggle with initially.  PowerCranks are easier at lower cadences so make a point of starting low and building up to normal cadence as you get better.  Finally, PowerCranks will help you understand and develop a good pedal stroke with appropriate pressure in each quadrant.  Contrary to popular belief, a perfect circle with equal pressure at every degree is not ideal.  If you try to do this with PowerCranks you won’t last long because the smaller muscles in your hips and legs will have a difficult time keeping pace with your larger muscles that operate the push phase.

Integrating a new tool can be both challenging and stimulating, especially in the winter months when trainer rides might require some spicing up.  PowerCranks are a great way to add some spice.

Peter Oyler

oyler“Training for the RACE ACROSS AMERICA (RAAM) required that I spend an incredible amount of hours on the bike in order to make sure I was super comfortable with my bike. With week after week of high volume training and some intensity, I needed to supplement my vitamin and mineral needs. 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement made a noticeable difference in so many areas for me. It is a great supplement for those who have great nutritional habits and for especially for someone like me who is always on the fly and not a great cook! Our bodies need what 7SYSTEMS provides in order to keep going strong mile after mile.”

Peter Oyler finished 8th overall in the 2007 RACE ACROSS AMERICA.  He has started training for training for the 2009 race again.

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