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Mike Bosch

Five years ago, 37 year-old Mike Bosch was nearing 240lbs and decided it was time to turn his health around.  Fast forward five years and Mike is now 148lbs and entering his 5th year of running.  Each year since 2005 Mike has logged more miles and gotten faster, setting new PBs over every distance he chooses to compete at.  In 2009 Mike ran 3:08:46 at the Buffalo marathon in the spring and then 2:56:09 in the fall at Good Life Toronto.  This spring he lowered his marathon PB to 2:48:30 at Mississauga, finishing 12th overall and 3rd master.   

Mike has worked hard during those 5 years, putting in an increasing number miles and some tough speed work sessions as he gained fitness in a well planned progressive program under the watchful eye of a coach.  Mike’s goal is to crack 2:40 in the marathon and is focused on doing everything he can to reach that goal.  Mike knows it is hard to push his body to its limits if you don’t treat it well, so he tries to sleep as much as possible and maximize downtime to ensure his body gets enough recovery.  Mike also pays close attention to his nutrition with the help of 7SYSTEMS.  Prior to using 7SYSTEMS, Mike would always come down with a cold right when his training program would hit the heaviest point but since starting on the product in the spring of 2009 he has not been sick once even though his training program keeps getting harder and longer.