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Mark Naphin

You want to know how 7systems helped me do more? How about getting me through the Canadian Death Race with a stress fracture in my ankle! Just this past weekend I partook in the Canadian Death Race and was able to haul my self to the finish line in a time of 23 hours and 16 minutes. I am proud to say I finished 116 out of 360 racers and I did it all with a stress fracture in my navicular bone of which I suffered two weeks prior to the race.

If you are not familiar with the Death Race it is a 125km ultra running event in Grande Cache Alberta. It has 17000 feet of vertical over 3 mountains. Only one third of the 360 racers actually finished the race and the conditions this year were terrible. I got poured on for around 12 hours. All through the night and into the next morning. Through rain slick rocks and muddy so slippery you had to crawl at points I still made it through and my energy levels were up and I felt pretty damn solid the whole way through.

I was able to keep a positive frame of mind and my body held up with flying colours. One of the most impressive things about 7SYSTEMS for me was not so much the race but the recovery, 3 days out my legs feel great and all soreness has dissipated. Thanks allot for a great product.