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Lauren Groves- Olympian

lauren1_vantriworlds“I’ll be the first to admit that I have always been a little skeptical about supplements. I have always been a believer that simply eating a nutrient-dense diet and eating the right foods at the right time was all that was necessary to perform at a high level in our sport. At the end of my 2007 season I decided to take a closer look at my diet and recovery nutrition as the Olympics were on the horizon and I want to be sure I have done absolutely everything in my power to be ready when I start that race. I had heard positive things about 7SYSTEMS from friends and training partners so I decided to test it out during my winter training block. It was a huge load of training so it really gave me the chance to put 7SYSTEMS to the test. Within a week of taking it, I started to notice differences in my recovery and energy levels. I have never been much of a morning person but I started to find myself more energized and motivated at the start of each morning swim. Plus, I managed to escape catching some colds that were lingering around this winter, which rarely happens when I’m training hard.”

“Thank you to 7systems for helping get me to the start line in Beijing healthy and ready to race. Now I am hoping it will help me heal faster. My disappointment in Beijing has only motivated me even more for London 2012. I look forward to working with 7systems to help achieve that goal.”

Lauren Groves is one of Canada’s most accomplished triathletes.  She is a National Champion and top five finisher at the World Triathlon Championships in 2006.  Her career is highlighted by being named and competing at the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008.  After her spectacular crash in Bejing Lauren is focused on recovering and getting ready for London 2012.

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Adam Campbell- Sub 2:30 marathon runner

adam22“So everyone is looking for the magic formula – how do I get faster and what can I take to improve my performance? The answer to these questions is easy.  Train more and train faster.

However if you are going to buy into that little motto, then you need to make sure that you are recovering between sessions. I think it was the US marathoner and Olympic medalist Deena Kastor who said “there is no such thing as over-training, just under-recovering”. A key element to recovery is through diet. Anyone who tells you otherwise is an idiot. How could diet not affect performance? It is the building block for your cells, muscles, bones, blood…As a hard training athlete, you are also more likely to leach essential nutrients and minerals from your body as you stress the system.

I have always enjoyed pursuing physical challenges, from Ironman racing to running marathons.  My new love and passion is mountain running. When I began training for the Jungfrau marathon, an uphill marathon with over 5000 feet of elevation gain, I knew that I would need improve my ability to recover if I was going to be able to handle the workload and stress of training for such an arduous event. I was fortunate enough to come across 7SYSTEMS at the beginning of my prep for this race and with the help of 7SYSTEMS I was able to complete my biggest run mileage ever, and proceeded to have the best ever finish by a Canadian at a mountain running world championships.

So if you care about your health and you care about your performance 7SYSTEMS is more than worth a shot.”

Adam Campbell is the 2007 Canadian Mountain Running Champion and has a 2:29 marathon personal best.  He is currently at law school studying to become a lawyer.

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Treadmill Running- Stefan Timms

Treadmill Running

Considering the winter we are having I thought it appropriate to post an article I previously wrote on treadmill running.  In case Jasper’s “Crap its Cold” article doesn’t inspire maybe this will.
There has been an overabundance of “amazing and astounding” pieces of exercise equipment promoted to consumers in recent years that sell dreams of an easy way to turn your body into a toned, athletic machine. Many of these breakthrough inventions have sold millions of copies to people desperate for a quick fix and then disappeared. However, there is one piece of exercise equipment that has stood the test of time, and continues to be a fixture at gyms and in homes around the world…the treadmill.
Today’s treadmills may have a lot more bells and whistles than past versions, but their premise remains the same: indoor running on the spot. Treadmills have been so successful because they work. Running is the best exercise you can do in terms of calorie burning and building fitness, and no other piece of cardio equipment is as efficient at calorie burning, because no other piece requires full weight bearing like the treadmill.
The same basic training principles apply to all workouts, whether they are done outdoors on the road/trails or inside on equipment, and the treadmill can be quite useful in specific instances. Treadmills allow you to jog, run, sprint, climb hills, or even resistance train by easily and accurately varying grade and speed. Many top triathletes and runners use treadmills as a regular part of their training as they have several advantages traditional methods of cardiovascular exercise.
Treadmill Advantages

The main advantage of treadmills is of course that they are used indoors in a controlled environment. This means they are not affected by weather, traffic lights, or safety concerns. When you get on a treadmill you know the temperature, you don’t have to stop for anything, and you don’t have to worry about where you are going. Obviously this aspect of treadmills will appeal to people who live in places with extreme climates (cold or hot), big cities, or unsafe neighbourhoods. This is also important though when travelling, as a treadmill provides you with the ability to get your workout done without worrying about these factors in an unknown place.
A second advantage of treadmills is that they are more forgiving then the road as they absorb shock better and are less likely to cause impact injuries then running on the road. This will help you to run as efficiently as possible, and can be a great help to someone coming back from any injury.
A third benefit of running on a treadmill is being able to program an exact speed that you want to maintain. This is ideal for training at a certain pace for intervals or the entire workout to ensure you are achieving your desired result. This can also be very useful if you are preparing for a specific event, as many treadmills allow you to program an exact course. For example, top triathletes such as Greg Bennett and Simon Whitfield regularly use a treadmill to simulate specific courses they will compete on later in the season. Often they even take this to another step by doing these workouts surrounded by portable heaters-if the race they are training for is held in a hot climate. This is a great motivator as well as a very specific training adaptation to prepare their bodies as best as possible for race day.
Another benefit of treadmill running is the ability it allows you to work on correcting your running form. Most gyms usually have mirrors around in which you can see yourself on the treadmill, so taking note of what you do, and trying to improve on one aspect of your technique each session is a great way to help pass the time during your easier runs.
A final benefit to using a treadmill is that you can build a lot of mental toughness since there are not many distractions like there are on the road or trail. You have to focus on your workout, your pace, and your technique. Although it may be boring to some, for others this is just what they need to get that hard session done.
However, treadmill running is not for everyone. Like any training technique the treadmill also has its negative aspects.
Treadmill Disadvantages

There are four main problems associated with treadmill running: biomechanical changes, inaccurate readings, heat, and boredom.
Treadmill running is great when you cannot run outdoors, but you should not use it as your sole venue for running as you may find the transition to road running somewhat uncomfortable. This occurs because of several biomechanical differences that occur when you run on a treadmill vs. the road:
When you run on the road, you must exert more energy in your running to overcome the braking forces than on a treadmill.

You have to face air resistance outside which forces you to work harder to run the same speed.

Your stride length is shorter outside because the ground doesn’t move under your feet the way the tread does.

Your feet are always on a smooth, flat surface on a treadmill so that your neuromuscular system does not get any work on proprioception the way it would on a road or trail.
All of these factors mean that you will fatigue sooner and be more susceptible to injury if you mainly run on a treadmill and then try to transition to outside.
A second problem with treadmills is that they are notoriously inaccurate. Treadmills are usually calibrated when they are first built up but then as they are used, wear and tear knocks off the calibration. As a result, it can be hard to determine how far you actually have run, or the exact speed you are running at. This can be a big detriment if you are using the treadmill for a specific workout.
Thirdly, many treadmill users complain that they get extremely hot when working out. This occurs because of the lack of air resistance that helps in cooling you off when outside. The easiest way to combat this problem is with a properly placed fan, but if that is not possible you may find yourself sweating more than normal. Ensure that you are staying hydrated if this is the case, as you will quickly lose electrolytes in your sweat, causing fatigue and dehydration.
The most common criticism about treadmills is that runners find them boring. Running in one spot with no change in scenery is not particularly stimulating. Although it may help build mental fortitude, it can also cause people to shorten sessions or avoid treadmills altogether. If you do get bored on treadmills, but you want to continue using them as a fitness tool, then you need to spice up your workouts a bit. There are now several great books on the market that have a variety of treadmill specific workouts that will keep things fresh and interesting, or you can use the guidelines below to design your own.
Treadmill Workouts

The best way to combat boredom and maximize the benefits on the treadmill are to only use them for specific workouts. I do not recommend that athletes use the treadmill for regular easy runs of 20-40 minutes, unless they have to because of certain circumstances (injury, weather, they are away at a race, etc). I prefer they use the treadmill for one of the following sessions:
· Fartlek is a great idea for indoor workouts as it really helps break up the monotony and helps get the person’s mind off the fact that they aren’t actually moving anywhere. I use a couple versions of the indoor fartlek: “commercial” and “song” that has the athlete go hard during a song or commercial (after a proper warm-up), and then easy during the next song or during the show. “Commercial” is used for long workouts that are mainly aerobic with the small number of short intervals included to work their other system. The “song” version, which is used most often, involves increasing speed and/or grade during the harder parts.

· Tempo runs, which simulate a specific course, are usually what my athletes use the treadmill for. After a 15 minute warm-up, you would then run 20-30 minutes at your race pace over the pre set course, and finally finish with 10 minutes easy cool-down.

· Hill workouts are especially great for people who don’t live in a hilly area and want the benefits of hill running. Treadhills are a series of short, hard efforts up a 5-10% grade. After the warm-up, you would do a set of 3-10 x 1-3 minutes up the hill at a challenging pace, with 1-2 minutes rest between each hill repeat. This can be done by presetting the treadmill or by manually adjusting it at the start of each hill.

· Interval sessions normally done on the track can also be run on a treadmill. After warming up, a set of a specific distance or time, such as 2:30 (an 800), is done at a fast pace, with adequate rest between intervals. They only problem with this is that the rest is still running unless you choose to hop off the treadmill between intervals. Also remember that most treadmills max out at 10-12 mph, so short, fast repeats are hard to simulate, and should be left to a track.
Treadmills are great when you cannot run outdoors or when you have a specific workout that it is best suited for, but you should not become dependant on them. Use them for the advantages they provide, but try to limit your use of treadmills to when they are necessary, and get outside the rest of the time. The outdoor environment provides not only a more pleasant and invigorating atmosphere, but it will keep you more biomechanically correct. So enjoy those treadmill runs, but don’t forget about that park around the corner from your house.

Treadmill Tips

· Run on a grade. Treadmill running is slightly easier than outdoor running due to the lack of wind resistance. This enables you to be more efficient in your running on the treadmill, so to accommodate for the lack of resistance set the treadmill at a 1% grade for all of your workouts.
· Use a heart rate monitor. By using one you can eliminate “junk training” and get fitter faster. The monitor allows you to maximize your efforts at the gym by guiding your intensity so that you work out in the zone that you want to be in, helping you get results faster. A heart rate monitor also allows you to work out in zones that are safe for you and helps reduce your risk of injury or overtraining, as well as preventing boredom from doing the same thing every day.
· Bring a waterbottle. Be sure to hydrate lots while working out on a treadmill. You can lose even more water running on a treadmill then you would if you were running outside. This is because of the lack of air resistance to help to keep you cool. Just a 1% loss in water can lead to a noticeable decline in performance.
· Use the mirrors. If you have a mirror nearby try to check your form during several parts of the workout. Do you start to hunch over or tighten up, as you get tired? A mirror can help to point out to you how to improve your training.

Linda Wagar

linda-marathon1“In January 2008, I had an opportunity to try a product that is meant to help endurance athletes.  I have a body type that has a few issues, and I was intrigued by how this supplement was different from others, and how it might be of help to me.  My approach has always been preventative. When I set a goal, I like to achieve it, and feeding my body what it needs, and preventing issues is a fine balance. I had not run long distances in 2 years, and with my plans to run a marathon in May and a 50K endurance run in July, nutrition would have to be a priority in my life. As fate would have it, my diet was not the best in April & May.  My training surprisingly went quite well. I know the supplements helped me not only with stamina but with my recovery.  I was able to go beyond my physical limits, and the realization that there was no residual pain, no inflammation, and very little tightness.  This was my reward: in July I turned 50K into 53K and felt like I had gone for a nice long 6 ½ hour run. I attribute this to taking 7 Systems.

I recommend it for high performance athletes or for runners, like myself, who wish to make nutrition a priority no matter what sport they choose to embrace. My 51 year old body thanked me for taking in 7 Systems and rewarded me with a performance which was beyond my expectations. This former couch potato is happy and I can only imagine what I could do if I was disciplined enough to take them religiously every single day.”

Linda Rainville Wagar
Ottawa, Ontario

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Anthea Seeton

“I have taken the product and I really loved it.  I found out about it on line while preparing for a 30 day Bikram challenge.  All my fellow yogis had all sorts of cramping, stiffness, etc., that thanks to 7SYSTEMS I didn’t suffer from.  I am off to do teacher training in Palm Desert for 9 weeks and decided instead of putting together my own supplement program that I would take the 7 systems.   I don’t take it all the time, but for those times when I am pounding my body it is amazing.”

Mike Neill- Ironman/Coach


“Over the years I have discovered that the only way to improve my performance is to recover properly and put together days, weeks and months of solid, consistent training. Since I have been using 7systems I have been able to put in some of the best blocks of training in my entire Ironman career. I am seeing improvements across the board in all three sports.  I recommend 7systems to all the athletes I coach and anyone who is looking for a simple convenient way to stay healthy and improve their performance.”

Mike has been Canada’s top overall finisher at Ironman Hawaii in each of the past 3 years, breaking 9:00 each time, and has over 15 top 10 overall Ironman finishes in his career.  Mike is also a coach to over a dozen athletes of the Human Powered Racing Team and the Island Triathlon Club

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Andrea Perego

andrea-perego-run_2“I began taking 7Systems when I was determined to make the most of my recovery time between two Ironman races and I have been taking them ever since.  I am not the fastest or the fittest triathlete out there, and despite my coach’s best efforts, I don’t always do my workouts the way I am supposed to.  I have been known to stack hard workout on top of hard workout and fill my days off with things like squash or just running around trying to get a thousand things done at once.  Despite all that, I still recover quickly and am ready for the next workout.  And I just don’t get sick.  I travel now and then for work and it is so easy to take along.  You just can’t argue with all of that.

Thanks for making a great product that is so easy to use.   I am a believer.”

Andrea is an accomplished age-groupers who juggle straining with her busy job on Bay Street in Torono.

Gord Henderson

I’ve often found it difficult to get the balance right between ‘fitness’ and ‘health':  training for and racing endurance events, parenting a young child and stress from unpredictable work often left me feeling run down – even while I was fit enough to race well.  Although I thought that supplements would probably help with some of these problems, I was confused by the range of products on offer and concerned about using something with uncertain efficacy whose composition I didn’t understand.  7Systems addressed each of those issues:  it contains everything I need and nothing I don’t, and since starting to use it, I’ve felt healthier than at any point in the recent past.  I’m better able to juggle work, training and parenting, and have more energy and mental focus;  I’ve found that 7Systems does exactly what it claims to.

Gord Henderson

Jasper Blake- Ironman Champion


“At the heart of it I believe the only way to get better is to train harder and smarter than everyone else and not get injured. To be honest, I usually stay clear of supplements but 7SYSTEMS has created a product that is worth using. Prior to Ironman Canada I incorporated 7SYSTEMS into my nutritional arsenal and it helped me get through one of the toughest training regimens of my career. 7SYSTEMS is a great product. It’s easy to use and takes the guess work out of my nutrition.”

Jasper Blake, Winner, 2006 Ironman Canada

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Nigel Gray

nigel-gray“I have not been a big believer in supplements over the years. It was always hard to decide what exactly I needed and how much, and with numerous positive doping tests being attributed to uncertified supplements it stopped me from trying to sort it out. 7 Systems has solved all of this. By offering a certified product in which I can be sure of its content, as well as a daily mix of the appropriate vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants, it allows me to train and race with confidence knowing that my body is getting what it needs without any risk of inadvertently ingesting a banned substance.”

Nigel Gray is the head coach, NRG Performance Training.  NRG is a Toronto based multisport team.  Nigel has been part of dozens of personal victories for people over the years.

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Lucy Smith- 19 Time National Champion

“I can honestly say that energy and recovery is a pretty big deal for me. I do most of my training in the morning and then I am on the go for the rest of the day with no down time. I think that the supplement has really benefited me. There are certainly no negative side effects and I feel that my recovery has been really good and my training and racing has been very strong since starting on the supplement in April ‘07.”


Lucy Smith is a 19-Time Canadian Champion and internationally ranked athlete in triathlon, duathlon, and distance running.  She is also the mother of two.

Rich Pady – Ironman/Coach

pady-success-story“I started using 7 Systems about 4 months ago to keep my health in balance while I juggled the rest of my life. I’m a father of two young kids, I have coaching company, a personal training company and, oh I almost forgot, I was training for Ironman USA. After a winter of many colds and feeling run down I started using 7 Systems and since then I’m happy to say I have not had a cold. I feel stronger and more energized than in the past 4 years. In the past when my kids were up a lot at night it would hurt my training the next day but since starting 7 Systems I did many big training days on 4-6 hours of broken sleep. It was amazing how it helped to keep my body going and healthy and I love how easy and convenient it is to use. I’ve been in the sport of triathlon now for 20 years and I’m finding since being on 7 Systems my body is recovering better than ever before. I had a great race in Ironman USA and I am already back to training. I will not hesitate to recommend 7 Systems to all my athletes.”

Richard Pady is the Head Coach of Healthy Results Training.  He leads dozens of athletes to personal victories every year and has a firm grasp on what it takes to achieve your personal best having been a 3 time member of Canada’s national triathlon team and the overall winner of over 50 multi-sport events.  Richard is also the founder for Race4kids, a not for profit initiative to raise money for kids battling cancer.  Richard and his wife Heather are the proud parents of two.

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Brad Cunningham – Ultra Marathoner

brad-in-water“The reason we train is to see if we can be better than our former self. In order to be better we need to do things differently than we have done before. For me, that was moving beyond just running all the time. I started to pay attention to the details that affect performance, like diet and recovery. 7SYSTEMS helped me become better.  I found the world of supplements to be confusing and expensive. The 7SYSTEMS team made that world simple for me. Everything I need is in one packet – simple, portable, and smart. Now I’m getting everything my body needs in order to be better than it was before, while saving money at the same time.  What I like about 7SYSTEMS is that it’s designed by athletes. These are people who have done what it is I am trying to do, and they have found a way to simplify the confusing world of supplements.   One packet per day, that’s it! And everything is covered.   The difference between average and good is training.   The difference between good and great is details. 7SYSTEMS has helped me take care of the details.”
Brad Cunningham is an ultra-runner, coach and teacher.

Jordan Rapp- Ironman- Top Triathlon Cyclist

Measuring the efficacy of vitamins is a funny thing. It’s not like caffeine, where the effect is immediate, but short lived. The idea is that you want to slightly raise the overall functioning of your body consistently. Over the past month, I completed two and a half weeks of the most intense training I’ve ever done, in preparation for Ironman Arizona. I started taking 7Systems at the same time. During that time period, I had to occasional “off day,” as we all do, but I felt like I consistently recovered more quickly than I had in the past when taking on this sort of load, and as a result I was able to perform better during my key workout sessions. I believe that 7Systems was a definitive part of that. The convenience of not having to remember to take a variety of supplements was also very helpful; that may seem like a small thing, but simply having one packet that you open and take to get everything you need makes a difference when you have a lot going on.


Jordan Rapp is well known for his popular cycling and bike fit advice on the internet chat forum Slowtwitch, and has compiled 5 top 3 overall finishes at Ironman events in the past 3 years.

Tara Norton- Ironman


“As a professional Ironman triathlete, I spend a lot of my racing season traveling to races all over the world.  With the 7SYSTEMS packages, I don’t have to spend so much time gathering all my supplements as the convenient daily packages make it simple.  I started taking 7SYSTEMS before Ironman Austria and not only did I have increased energy for my training, but I achieved a personal best time in my Ironman, and my recovery has been perfect.  Because of the intensity of my training and the sheer number of hours that I train each week, my immune system is compromised.  7SYSTEMS helps to keep my immune system built up and prevents me from getting sick.  I am thrilled to finally find a sports-specific supplement geared towards endurance athletes.”
Tara has been one of Canada’s top and most consistent female Ironman athletes over the past 5 years with 10 top 5 overall finishes at Ironman events.  Tara also has an active physiotherapist practice and coaches several age group athletes.

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Peter Oyler

oyler“Training for the RACE ACROSS AMERICA (RAAM) required that I spend an incredible amount of hours on the bike in order to make sure I was super comfortable with my bike. With week after week of high volume training and some intensity, I needed to supplement my vitamin and mineral needs. 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement made a noticeable difference in so many areas for me. It is a great supplement for those who have great nutritional habits and for especially for someone like me who is always on the fly and not a great cook! Our bodies need what 7SYSTEMS provides in order to keep going strong mile after mile.”

Peter Oyler finished 8th overall in the 2007 RACE ACROSS AMERICA.  He has started training for training for the 2009 race again.

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Mike Greenburg

mike-greenberg“I must admit I was skeptical at first about the product but after about three weeks of using it I started to notice that I had higher energy levels (especially in the morning) and my recovery between workouts had greatly improved. However what really convinced me is when I ran out and was off the product for a couple of weeks. I became much more tired and was not recovering from workouts as well as before.. Now I am back on the product and feel great. I think because I have a hectic work schedule and don’t always eat properly; the product has been an important complement to my training and general well being. To me the ease of use of the product is a big advantage. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.”
Mike Greenberg was 3rd overall at the 2007 National Amateur Triathlon Championships and 1st at the 2008 Championships.  He is also an Investment Banker and soon to be father.

Jonathan Moncreiff

“Having taken several years off from competitive running and triathlons, I found that returning to competition and the fitness level I desired was not as easy or as straightforward as I would have hoped. In short, although the mind was willing, time had taken its toll on my body. While getting through the mandated workouts was possible, recovery did come as quickly as before and as a result it took longer to make the desired progression.  Moreover, whereas I could once focus much of my energy on my fitness pursuits (be it workouts, rest, dietary requirements, etc.), today’s reality is that I have many different and competing interests for my time. Each day only has 24 hours in it and I, much like most people I know, frequently find it difficult to get done (both work and training related) what I would like to before I need to get to bed to be rested enough to face the next day.  Thus, faced with these new challenges, it became evident that if I wanted to meet my lofty fitness goals, I was going to need to be smart about my training. Luckily, it was at about this time that I discovered 7SYSTEMS. Since starting to use 7SYSTEMS, I have noticed both increased energy levels (specifically when I wake up) and that my recovery is accelerated (both crucial elements in my book). The fact that all my supplement needs can be met in one product is also a huge advantage. Gone are the days of having to purchase, organize and carry around multiple individual supplement products. I highly recommend this product.”
Jonathan Moncrieff: Corporate Lawyer; Competitive Runner and Triathlete