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Ollie Blakes’ Around the World Granola

This recipe comes from Jasper Blake’s brother Ollie (a gifted athlete himself with a 2:31 marathon pb and a 9:20 finish in his one and only IM) who regularly makes enormous batches of this stuff usually presenting it in large zip lock bags as a Christmas gift. Ollie was given the recipe by a good friend named Al who has sailed around the world and used this granola as a main source of food on those voyages, but it is based on a recipe found in the Tasahara Cookbook, which was one of the whole grain/vegetarian bibles of the 1970s.

This recipe makes about 50 cups of granola. Exact quantities and type of flake, nut or dried fruit doesn’t seem to matter too much, so long as you end up with the correct balance of wet/dry and sweet ingredients. A batch this size will last at least a couple of months and costs less than $100. If you are a smaller family it is easier to make half a batch. It can be frozen to be enjoyed later.

1) Mix together in a large bowl or big rubber maid storage totes (C=Cup):

8 C oat flakes (old-fashioned rather than “quick oats”)
5 C triticole
6 C rye flakes
6 C wheat flakes
6 C other flakes (wheat germ, kamut, soy, rice, etc)
6 C oat bran
4 C bran flakes
4 C pumpkin seeds
2 C walnuts or pecans
1 C cashews
2 C pine nuts
2 C almonds

2) Mix and add to the grains:

5 C brown sugar
2 C maple syrup
3 C oil

3) Spread out a layer of the raw granola in a cake pan and on a cookie sheet (we usually use large reusable alumina turkey pan) and bake at about 350 for about an hour, stirring every fifteen minutes. The average-sized oven will allow you to bake four 8 x 11 inch pans at a time.

Hint: While cookie sheets are fine we tend to use cake pans because less of the granola ends up on the floor!

4) When granola is cool add raisins, dried cranberries, chopped fruits like figs, dates, dried papaya or apricots and such. Ollie uses about 10 cups of fruits for this amount of granola.

5) Freeze extra granola to keep it fresh.