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Indoor Riding Workout- by Richard Pady

Pick 14-17 songs = 60mins
Songs 1-4 are warm up
-Focus on your form.  Watch your pelvis and make sure it is not rocking. 
-Pedal in a full circle to maximize the muscle efficiency.
-Start at lower effort and build effort with each song.

Song 5 (Accelerations) 
-without shifting gears increase your rpm to the edge of your comfort and technical efficiency (meaning no rocking or bouncing).
-accelerate for 15-30sec and then slow it back down for the equal time and repeat this for the duration of the song
Song 6 (Cruise)
-Active Recovery @ 90-100rpm

Songs 7-8 (Single leg drill)
-shift to an easy gear (for neuromuscular development). Start with short repetitions of 30sec to 60secs on each leg. Cadence (rpm) should also vary. As a general rule, keep cadence below that point when your stroke begins to ‘break up.’ The leg that is not pedaling can rest on the arm of the stationary trainer or a chair. Alternate back and forth for the duration of the two songs

Song 9 (Cruise)
-Active Recovery @ 90-100rpm

Songs 10-12 (Fun time)
-Steady State riding
-goal is to put to work out that you worked on above
-effort is a 7/10 or Zone 3 wattage/hr

Songs 13-end of the hour
-Cool down working on higher rpm at a very low resistance
-Focus on ‘planting’ your butt on the saddle and don’t bounce! Stay smooth and relaxed at all times. Maintain ‘pressure’ on the pedal at all times, but keep the pressure ‘light’.
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